Reading Assignments in Messages Book

Hi COM60 Class,

After reviewing the feedback I received, I heard from several people that they would like to focus on work related issues:  Co-workers and dialogue with bosses and direct reports.  In light of that, I will modify the order of a few exercises so we can cover this in greater detail next week.  Also to prepare for those exercises, we’ll read a few chapters in the book out of order as follows:

Also, give some thought to sections you’d like to work on:  Being a boss, being an employee in an exercise, dealing with crafting an email or have a back and forth dialogue.  I may bring different exercises to allow people to choose the situation they most want to work on.


Next Reading in “Messages” Book:

Part III (Part 3):  Conflict Skills

Assertiveness Training  (Page 125 – 149)

  • Fair Fighting  (Page 150 –  160)
  • Validation Strategies (Page 150 –  160)
  • Negotiation (Page 173 – 187)
  • Please take a short look at the Clarifying Language section summary (especially page 121-122 Summary chart) if you have time.

Optional Bonus Reading:  Page 89:103

  • Transactional Analysis:  This will be most useful for those of you working on triggers and “buttons” (being triggered, or triggering others)


Preview for the coming weeks:

After Class 4 the reading assignment will skip ahead and be to prepare us for the Public Speaking Guest Lecturer from the Graduate School of Business:

Part VI (Part 6):

  • Influencing Others
  • Public Speaking
  • Interviewing

After Class 5 the reading will be:

Part II (Part 2):  Advanced Skills

Page 59:  88

  • Body Language:
  • Paralanguage and Metamessages  (especially page 77: Verbal Modifiers and page 78 Coping with MetaMessages)
  • Hidden Agendas:

Page 104 : 122

  • Clarifying Language (especially page 121-122 Summary chart)

Part IV (Part 4): Social Skills

  • Prejudgment
  • Making Contact

We will not cover the information in Part V (Part 5) Family Skills   But please do read if interested, it’s also very good.